Reflecting on 2017 Goals and Focusing on 20183 min read

Reflecting on 2017 Goals and Focusing on 2018

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible

The end of 2017 is approaching which means next month I will reflect on 2017, review my goals, set new goals for 2018 and adjust the long term goals. If I look at my goal list of 2017, I’m amazed about how much of the goals I’ve reached. To get an idea, I’ve set up several categories with sub categories as depicted below.

In addition, I have two extra columns ‘Concrete goals’ and ‘Habits’ next to it. For example, one of my habits regarding Mental / Spiritual would be: Meditate/Gratitude exercise (at least 5 minutes a day) over 200 times (4x/week). Another example of a concrete goal regarding learning: read 12-15 books in my target list. Another one would be: find a life coach and follow x number of sessions.

I’m not going to share my complete goal list with ýou, I don’t think that’s the most interesting point here. I just show my method of setting my goals. I am however satisfied since I’ve almost hit all the goals, especially in my major categories Business, Health and Personal Development

Finance consultancy

My Finance consultancy business is doing better than I could’ve hoped for and for 2018 I already have managed to reach my target revenue as I recently signed another client. For 2019 my goal would be to find more scalable business solutions.

Gym & Health

I’ve followed a 9-month personal training program and managed to develop a lot of great basic skills. I’ve really enjoyed this process and learned a lot about nutrition and different work outs. I really love explosive trainings (HIIT etc.), Crossfit, Calisthenics. As always, stay a student and keep learning new things every day. 

The thing I’ve been struggling in 2017 the most is how I position myself as a brand. At first, I wanted to do a lot of things at the same time. Coaching people, doing podcasts, writing blogs, making vlogs, public speaking etc. I was too impatient, the results didn’t come and it affected my mood for a couple of weeks. I’m human too, yes. As many of you know, I really enjoy journeys and that’s where I get most satisfaction from. Therefore, besides my Finance consultancy, I’ve decided to narrow my focus in 2018 to 2 simple things:

  • Focus 1: Create Podcasts to improve my communication skills
  • Focus 2: Practice and improve my public speaking skills. As many of you know, I would really like to spread my own story about my diagnoses and how I overcame my challenges. I’m particularly interested in helping parents who have kids with the same diagnoses or adults who have been diagnosed on a later age. I really feel this is a great starting point and from there on I’ll look further how it’ll go.
Put simple, it comes down to this (again): Process over result. Don’t pay attention whether anyone is listening to the podcast or reading your content. The goal is simply to improve my skills in communication and writing, and whichever activities I’ll take on. Everything takes time to grow.

For 2018 I’m going to set new and more challenging goals – I always want to keep challenging myself. One of things I’m really pumped about is attending Tony Robbins seminar in April 2018 in London. I feel as if this is the right moment and despite having read and watched a lot of his content, being there (according to many people I spoke) is something different: it’s total immersion. You have to feel the energy.

As for the rest of the categories it’ll be similar to the 2017 goals but taking it a step further. I feel working with a goal list (and also have a more longer term goal list, not shown here) and thinking about these things on a regular basis helps me stay focused. 




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