This Is Me – And Why I’m Grateful for Everything (reboot November 2017, English)7 min read

This Is Me – And Why I’m Grateful for Everything

Why I'm Grateful For Everything

This is the first post about myself (hopefully, many more will follow) in which I truly share myself with the world. It’s part of my life journey and a significant contributor to my “why”. I’m writing primarily for myself—writing is a form of meditation, as it brings immerse creativity and peace. As a bonus, I hope it inspires others, excites them, and sets an example. It’s become clear to me in recent years that I have the ability to energize people and truly touch them whenever I write something in which I share myself or something they can relate to. It’s my gift to you.

Against All Odds

I was born three months premature, when my organs weren’t fully developed, and was barely 1 kg at birth. The doctors didn’t expect me to be born alive and I was immediately put into an incubator. I faced death there when my lungs collapsed (probably pneumothorax), and I’m alive today only because a nurse noticed it and punctured my lungs. I was later diagnosed with ADHD combined with autism (even though personally I don’t believe in such labels), so my life forecast wasn’t the best, and I was supposed to attend a special school. I’ve seen psychologists and psychiatrists for a large part of my life and have been taking various types of medication.

Luckily today I’ve managed to find a great balance between medication and alternative solutions. People often aren’t aware of the side effects of those medicines, and I don’t blame them – some things are so hard to explain, to be able to understand one would have to experience it themselves. I also had a massive form of OCD and was a big control freak, but over the years I’ve been able to cope with those challenges. The breakthrough basically came around my twenties, when I started to embrace my differences rather than playing the victim. It took a while to understand it all and to change perspectives.

Challenges I Faced

There’s a couple of stories I’d like to share about my youth. When I was a baby, they literally had to teach me emotions because I didn’t know what these were. For example, when other kids would steal my toys, I wouldn’t get upset, nor angry or sad. So they ‘taught’ me to shows emotions of sadness or anger. During my primary and high school childhood, I was very hyperactive and at times aggressive. At home I’ve damaged many doors and the worst thing that ever happened was when I managed to shatter a door of glass while my mother was standing at the other side – I regret this a lot. While at school I’ve been fighting a lot with other kids. During high school, for a couple of years I was actually very quiet and introvert, perhaps shy if you will. Maybe because I was ashamed for the label I had – as if I had something to hide.

During my childhood, taking (different) medications was quite challenging since I had to cope with the side effects. For example, I would increase the intake during exam periods, just to be able to grind out for 16 hours straight studying the materials before going to bed and repeat the same thing over and over. The result was sleep deprivation, no appetite, almost being a hermit. It went as far that I almost became paranoid due to the medication, for example having thoughts of being followed or looked upon by everyone. It’s all in the head.

How I Dealt With My Challenges – And Why I Am Grateful For Them

I read a book from Tony Robbins once, Awaken the Giant Within. I was totally hooked. There’s two questions he said you should always ask yourself which changed my life. How bad the situation is, always ask yourself: “What’s great about this? What can I learn from this?” So that’s when I thought, I can either choose the victim role or accept it and think about the benefits of it.

Gradually over time, I managed to find ways to capitalize on what you might call my ‘shortcomings’. I started to practice different types of meditations, breathing exercises and similar things. I found out that I would find peace and calmness. I’ve kept daily track of my blood pressure for months and see what the effect would be of food. I started to experiment with eating different diets and eating healthy. I’ve tried different types of sports. I’ve noticed significantly increases in my well being and performance. I’ve cherry picked the things that did well to me. In my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with millionaires, successful and beginning startup entrepreneurs, people who are dedicated, focused, a bit stubborn, impulsive and dream chasers. That’s when I found my counterpart, I finally could level and speak with someone similar in energy level and enthusiasm. I joined network clubs and met tons of great people with high energy levels. I’ve traveled around the world, learned different cultures. At some point I was ready to talk about ‘it’ with strangers. About my ‘issues’. I didn’t have any fear about it anymore. When I told them about my stories, they accepted me for who I was. It felt as if a burden which I’ve carried my whole life disappeared, the enemy was defeated. finally accepted myself.

That was the moment things started to click. As I began accepting it and embracing it, the solutions presented itself to me. I met the right people, they’ve helped me change as a person and everyday I’m still learning. As you may understand, I’ve decided to write blogs and record videos in the four abovementioned areas: Life & Mindset, Startups & Business, Health & Food and Travel.

The Present and Future

Fast forward to the present: I’ve successfully completed grammar school and graduated with a master’s degree (with distinction) in finance, worked a couple of years at companies, I’ve been able to quit my job and followed my passion, choosing a more entrepreneurial pathway where I can decide how to spend my time, and do only things I like and work with people I enjoy working with. I became more open as a person and developed self-reflection. It helped me to grow as a person and has allowed me to truly understand other people as well and help them with their challenges. I continued to develop my personal skills and joined network groups with very enthusiastic people. I’m grateful for all the challenges I’ve encountered and will encounter. It has helped me to consistently develop as a person, without those I wouldn’t be where I am today. The backbone of overcoming those challenges: I’ve managed to turn my weaknesses into valuable assets.

I’m happy that I’m different from others. It’s true – I might be impulsive, I might still get hyper at times and I might say something weird at times often due to miscommunication. Anyhow, it’s also sort of a superpower because on the flipside, I’m highly energetic, creative, enthusiastic, curious, action-driven, can stay in the zone many hours without distraction if it really interests me. It helps me being creative at the speed of light, filling my mind with endless amount of ideas. People also tell me I’m good at remembering names or events that happened 15 years ago. It’s almost effortless, I don’t know where this comes from, and some people call it sensitivity, I think it’s a bit of everything but a big factor is being intrinsically and sincerely interested in the other person. In life, this has helped me big time on several occasions, both in my career as well as in my private life.

Welcome to my life. It’s going to be a great journey.




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