Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.1 min read

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire

I met so many great people this year. And it’s just the beginning. I intend to meet many more champions for many years to come.

And I’ve finally figured what we really have in common: Gratitude.

It’s true – and it’s really the thing that’s changed my life.

What sets my soul on fire is personal development and helping other people.

How? There’s a trillion ways to do this.

Right now, I help startups with their finance and strategy challenges.

Also, I learn from other people and hone my communication skills with my podcast.

I don’t focus on the result because I love the journey the most.

Even if everything fails badly, at least I’ve tried – and for me that symbolizes a champion.

As long as your Why is clear the universe tells you How.

I was talking to an elderly lady of 82 in the store yesterday.

She told me she can’t move her arms anymore as she used to.

And I love such conversations.

Because it reminds me of death. And it sets my soul on fire even more. And it takes away all fear.

You never know when the grim reaper comes for you.

1:400 trillion – that’s roughly the chances of you being born.

Once you realize how lucky you are you can start prioritizing what really matters to you.




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