Episode 34: Bart Torensma – The Art Of Public Speaking1 min read

Bart Torensma – Public Speaking, Storytelling, and Being Busy vs. Prioritizing

“People Can And Will Change, But They Don’t Want To Be Changed”

Bart Torensma (MSc, PhD. C) is my guest today. Bart is a freelance anesthesiology assistant and a clinical epidemiologist. For his work Bart does a lot of public speaking engagements, for an overview please see this list. In this podcast, we talk about: public speaking, storytelling, and being busy versus prioritizing things.

During this podcast, some interesting facts came up:

  • Why you should always aim to work without a  presentation
  • Non-verbal communication: How to use the stage
  • Why a 1% dehydration leads to a 10 IQ point loss 
  • Why being busy is just an excuse for saying that something isn’t a priority

I really enjoyed the podcast and would like to thank Bart for his time! 

Connect with Bart

Enjoy the podcast!

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