Episode 31: Dennis de Graaf – Entrepreneurship, Mindset and Facing Adversity1 min read

Dennis de Graaf – Entrepreneurship, Mindset and Facing Adversity

“Behind a mountain full of challenges lies a land full opportunities”

Dennis is an entrepreneur and a medical miracle. On the 3rd of April 2014 he was the owner of and running 9 sales franchises across Holland.

That day Dennis was diagnosed with a bad brain tumor with the size of a tennis ball. Which made him instantly a ticking time bomb. He was in immediate life danger…seeing him surviving without a sincere handicap is really fascinated and inspiring to see.

Dennis shares a small bit of his life story. 

During this podcast we talk about a various range of topics, including:

  • How he grew up and his time abroad
  • Entrepreneurship & working in sales
  • Personal Development: Mindset, Facing Adversity, Growing as a person

Connect with Dennis

Enjoy the podcast!

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