Episode 29: Twan Plasmans – Fitness & Nutrition Fanatic2 min read

Twan Plasmans (@fitstagains) – Fitness & Nutrition Fanatic

“Getting better day by day.”

In this podcast I talk with Twan about the basics of powerlifting and bodybuilding training. We talk about different the most efficient basic exercises if you want to get started. We also touch upon proper diet. Here’s a brief summary of the podcast:

Beginner tips


  1. Have a goal: why do you want to go the gym?
  2. Both Nutrition and Training are important, but nutrition is more important: about 60% vs. 40%. Eat a variety of foods
  3. Make sure to do the exercises with the proper technique – get a coach or trainer if needed


  1. Research the amount of calories you need per day (maintenance level)
  2. For starters, the split in macros don’t really matter, focus more on the amount of calories
  3. Simply put, if you want to lose weight you go below your maintenance level, if you want to gain weight, go above the maintenance level
  4. Knowing the maintenance level (calories) is difficult to know based on a formula, you need to experiment with this, so try a level for 2 weeks and see what happens with your weigh
  5. Start with adding or lowering 200 calories deviation from your maintenance level – then increase it to 300-500 later on
  6. Go for at least 1,5x times your body weight (minus body fat) of proteins (up to 2,0x)


  1. The most well known and best compound exercises are: deadlifts, benchpress, squats – always do those at the beginning of the workout because you have the most energy left
  2. You have to ask what you want to achieve: becoming stronger (powerlifting) or get bigger muscles, where you contract the muscle to let it grow and get the biggest mass (bodybuilding)
  3. For powerlifting, start doing 5 sets of 5 reps and every now and then try the one rep max
  4. If you do more reps, you create more volume
  5. For example practice each part 2 times a week: chest & shoulders, back, legs

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Enjoy the podcast!

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