Episode 27: Joep Staps – Elite Multisport Athlete, Entrepreneur, High Achiever With High Ambitions1 min read

Joep Staps – Elite Multisport Athlete, Entrepreneur, High Achiever With High Ambitions

“Really do what you like, and do it right. Or don’t do it, otherwise the effect is zero. So go for it!”

is currently reaching his goals as professional and elite athlete (duathlons and triathlons). Joep can be described as someone who is multidisciplinary and an ambitious athlete and graduated professional focusing on business and sport. Always improving, using his academical background and creativity. Loves to cooperate with enthusiast, talented and ambitious people. 

Joep has performed in several matches and was the winner of the 2018 Crosstriatlhon in Kijkduin (June 2018).

During this podcast, we talked a lot about different aspects of topsport and his drive to reach his goals and his ambitious spirit.

Example questions we discuss:

  • I’m a beginner interested in doing a sprint triathlon, what advice do you have for me to get started?
  • What equipment/accessoires do you use during your trainings and matches and what do you recommend for starters?
  • How does your training schedule look like?
  • How do you prepare yourself for matches?
  • How disciplined are you in terms of nutrition?
  • Where does your winner mindset come from?
  • Share some experiences of your matches and training camps abroad?
  • What is Rebelance and what is your goal with it?

And much more!

Connect with Joep:

Enjoy the podcast!

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