Episode 26: Sabyasachi Sengupta – Public speaking, storytelling and Toastmasters1 min read

Sabyasachi Sengupta – Public speaking, storytelling and Toastmasters

“Sing like everyone is listening, dance like nobody is watching.”

Saby helps guide executives, corporates, and students shape their stories and presentations. His tailor-made programs help them develop excellent speaking skills, connect with the audience, and the ability to express themselves effectively. Saby focuses on three key aspects of communication in public speaking:

  1. How to capture the attention of the audience
  2. How to structure one’s thoughts into a logical form
  3. How to verbalize those thoughts with confidence

His main objective is to assist the participants in being able to express their complex and critical thinking with simplicity, using relatable stories and helping them create a powerful impact. Saby’s speeches have been well-received in more than 10 countries across 3 continents. His signature keynote speeches include topics such as diversity, networking, and finding your voice Saby was featured as a TEDx Talker, watch his TED talk here:

Some lessons I learned during this podcast:

Beginners tips

  • Content is always king. Start recording yourself on camera and watch it back. Learn
  • Change your physical state: listen to music, do movement, do powerposing
  • Be energetic
  • Be aware of your standing posture
  • Confidence is in your feet
  • Keep notes on table or in your pocket. Notes can consist of key notes or key sentences

How to easily connect with the audience

  • Three ways connect is via ethos, pathos, logos:
    • Ethos is via authority/credibility
    • Pathos is via emotion (your own feelings)
    • Logos is via reasoning, logic.
  • If you implement those 3 factors well, you can easily connect with the audience and make your story relatable.
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Connect with Saby:

Enjoy the podcast!

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