Episode 21: Peter Peerdeman – CTO & Partner at Lifely, Personal Development, Coaching and Creativity1 min read

Peter Peerdeman – CTO & Partner at Lifely, Personal Development and Coaching

“The 7 Habits by Covey is one of the best books. Every time I read it, I learn something new.”

Peter is the the CTO and Partner at Lifely, a software development company. Peter is a creativist. He’s passionate about cutting edge technology, channeling his creativity through technology leadership, high-five team synergy, team enablement, music and photography. 

In this podcast he talks about his own journey, how he came in touch with personal development. We also talk about coaching, how he empowers his employees and his passion for creating music and photography. This variety in being creative fuels his brain and stimulates even more creativity and definitely helps him overall.

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