Episode 20: Jess Ratcliffe – Started her first business at 19, and how a life threatening disease served as a wake up call and now inspires others to unleash their extraordinary self1 min read

Jess Ratcliffe – Founder of Unleash Your Extraordinary, Personal Development and the Product Mindset

That fear inspired me to make the commitment to create the life I want now and to as many people as I can reach to do the same.

Jess is the founder of Unleash Your Extraordinary, which is an immersive group coaching program, designed to help you achieve your potential by applying a product mindset to your personal growth. Bringing together like-minded individuals who are ready to discover what they’re truly capable of and support each other every step of the way.

In this podcast she explains her life story, how she started her first company in her teens, her move to working for a startup in San Francisco,how she uses her product mindset to her advantage and how her life threatening disease served as a wake up call to do stuff she really wanted to do.

Enjoy the podcast!

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