Episode 16: Derek Westra – Co-Founder and Publisher of Allesovercrypto.nl (23K visitors / month) and 10 days in a monastery2 min read

Derek Westra – Co-Founder & Publisher @ Allesovercrypto.nl (23K visitors / month) and 10 days in a monastery

“You go there 10 days.. and everything that distracts you from thinking, isn’t allowed except meditating.

In this episode I’m talking to Derek Westra, a growth hacker and cryptocurrency enthusiastic. His website www.allesovercrypto.nl is well visited with 23,000 monthly visitors. On the website, his goal is to inform the people about cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, Derek is a big fan of personal development. We discuss how he basically shifted his whole life in the past 3 years, it all started when he was traveling in South Africa and South East Asia. He started to read books, spent 10 days in a monastery and when he came back he decided to stop drinking alcohol. He started to implement habits and routines, and he was implementing personal development more and more on a daily basis. It has helped him to become a better version of himself. Also, he’s the creator of the instagram account @africanamal – if you like animals make sure to check this Instagram.

About Allesovercrypto.nl

AllesoverCrypto is the biggest crypto platform / crypto website in the Netherlands. We write about the most promising ICOs, crypto startups, cryptocurrencies and all other crypto related subjects. Every day we search for new interesting crypto projects that might be interesting for our visitors. 

As the publisher of AllesOverCrypto I’m responsible for crypto partnerships and the crypto advertising. With Facebook, Google and even Mailchimp blocking crypto advertisements, more and more crypto projects are coming to AllesOverCrypto.nl for exposure in the Netherlands.

We are proud to be the biggest crypto media platform in one of the most innovative countries regarding to crypto.

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