Episode 15: Marc Rodan – Digital Nomad, Being Playful, and Comfort Zone Stretching1 min read

Marc RodanDigital Nomad, Being Playful, and Comfort Zone Stretching

I believe in a world where everybody can become a Ninja. Where we feel empowered to live our lives with passion and do work that we truly love.

Marc Rodan is the co-founder of Ninjafy. Their goal is to empower people to become Ninja Masters and absolutely love their (working) life. With focus on optimal engagement and fun, we take people on a journey that changes lives. All over the world. Online and on-site. Through tools, games, training and coaching. 

In this episode, we talk about his life story, his lessons learned over time and his dreams.

Watch this video to see more of Marc

Topics we touch upon:

  • Struggling with perfectionism and overcoming it
  • Digital Nomadism: Traveling for over 9 months in South East Asia
  • Ninjafy: Let everyone play always and everywhere
  • Stretching the comfort zone: always do something that scares you
  • How to adapt to new situations

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