Episode 9: Kingsley Hall – Sales Champion, Personal Development & Fitness Fanatic1 min read

In this episode, Kingsley Hall is my guest. Kingsley moved from London to Amsterdam, and is a sales champion. I met Kingsley at Toastmasters, a public speaking club.

Kingsley is passionate about personal development, sales, communication and health and fitness. As such, we had a great open discussion about these topics where we both learned from each others. Despite his young age (23) he knows a lot and I am sure with his growth mindset he will succeed further in life in whatever areas he puts his focus to. Thank you for being on my show! 

Some questions that will be answered in this podcast are:

  • What are the key things that help you as a sales person?
  • What is it like to live in Amsterdam coming from London?
  • When did you became aware of the growth mindset and what has it brought you?
  • What are your routines and life hacks?
  • Why do you like health and fitness so much?
and much more!

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Enjoy the podcast!




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