Episode 7: Gerard Keetman — Entrepreneur, Innovator, Ontketenaar and Lean Canvas specialist [Dutch]1 min read

Note: this episode is in Dutch

“I Did It My Way”
Gerard’s answer on what song would describe him

Gerard (LinkedIn) is the owner of Business Anno Morgen. Business Anno Morgen helps companies adapt to this rapidly changing world and prevents them from becoming redundant. Companies need to increase their agility, become highly customer focused and must innovate in order to survive.

During this episode we’ll discuss a lot of topics including:


  • Why do companies need to keep innovate?

  • Lean Canvas

  • How can we change as human beings?

  • Why should we stretch our comfort zone?


If you liked this episode, you probably also enjoy the podcast I did with Daan Jacobs. In that episode we talk about entrepreneurship, toaism, and golf. Also, we talk about personal development (mindset, books, authenticity), how we can reach our maximum potential.

Play it here:




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