Episode 6: Ilse Krabben: Creative entrepreneur with ADHD — Open discussion about her Journey, Transformation, Mindset, and her Theatreshow3 min read

Ilse joins me on my podcast. For me this is a special episode, since it will cover a topic which has massively impacted me both positive and negative my whole life: ADHD. I saw Ilse talking about her story and her dreams last year, and immediately knew I wanted her on my podcast. Thrilled she agreed to be on my show.

How can we make the best out of the “ADHD brain”? Transforming ADHD from a weakness into a massive strength, seeing it as a great challenge instead of a burden. It’s a love / hate story. 80% of the time it’s love: it gives me endless amounts of inspiration and energy which fuels my creative entrepreneurial mind. It takes time to train your mind.

In this podcast, we both openly talk about her journey, how she figured out what works for her, practical tools she uses, and insights about her brain, and much more.
Ilse is an theatre actress, story writer, author, teacher and coach of the new ADHD diagnosis. She has a theatershow coming up in March 2018 “My Electric House”.

As always, enjoy the podcast!

Links and Podcast Notes

Connect with Ilse

Podcast Notes

  • [3:20] Ilse introduces herself in her own words: freelance writer, playing and creating theatre, teaching children
  • [3:58] Ilse talks about her childhood in South-France
  • [6:24] “Discovering” that you’re different from the rest
  • [8:20] Ilse explains 2 easy versions of what ADHD means to her
  • [9:14] An example of the negative side of ADHD
  • [10:07] An example of the positive side of ADHD
  • [11:07] Why Technology isn’t helping people with ADHD to focus
  • [12:50] Why Ilse doesn’t like the term “disorder” for ADHD
  • [13:54] Why Vulnerability Is a Great Strength
  • [15:06] Ilse’s view on her own vulnerability
  • [19:00] Differences between ADHD, ADD, Autism, PDDNOS
  • [20:16] Hyperactive or busy in the head?
  • [21:58] Ilse talks about her time in Bali, The Green School and the Western education system. Why the western education system is perhaps not the best system for “us”
  • [23:05] Plum Village – what she learnt and looking at ADHD from a different perspective
  • [25:06] People diagnosed at a later age..Is it more difficult?
  • [29:00] Sensitivity
  • [31:26] Medication
  • [33:24] Mind was quiet but I missed my creativity
  • [35:25] Some tactics and tools Ilse used to cope with the diagnosis
  • [36:40] Never Choose To Be The Victim
  • [42:25] Break the pattern – you can only do it by “doing it”: just do
  • [44:07] Trust yourself and believe you have everything yourself to heal yourself
  • [45:38] You can’t influence everything
  • [46:40] ADHD & (In)flexibility
  • [52:20] How do you deal with problems, do you share it with other people?
  • [55:43] The Rise And Acceptance of Meditation in Western Society
  • [57:10] Why Self-Help Books should be titled differently
  • [58:20] Why “Relaxing” can be a distraction
  • [1:00:16] The Paradox: ADHD have superfocus but are bored quickly
  • [1:03:26] ADHD & Body Language: Open book
  • [1:04:20] Being Creative and Finding Solutions, Trying to stand out
  • [1:10:53] The value of truly liking something intrinsically
  • [1:13:00] Personal life & Work: Do we see it separately or can it be 1 congruent story?
  • [1:16:30] Ilse’s passion: writing and theater
  • [1:19:00] Ilse talks about her upcoming show: My Electric House
  • [1:23:01] In the end you can be happy anywhere, even though new environments are inspiring
  • [1:26:45] Why ADHD people need the busy-ness and seek variety
  • [1:28:18] Limiting Beliefs
  • [1:40:27] My Electric House: 3 plays planned and then going abroad (Bali, London) and dreams
  • [1:44:50] Closing thoughts & wrap-up





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