Episode 5: Yann van Ewijk – Intro to Blockchain, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies [Audio: English]2 min read

Yann drops by in this episode.

Yann is passionate about Cyber Security, Technology, Hacking, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. We talk about the basics of Blockchain, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies and what the possibilities are.

Enjoy the podcast!

Links and Podcast Notes

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Podcast Notes

  • [01:09] Yann introduces himself and his hobbies and passions
  • [02:10] Yann created a program that would scan meet-ups for free drinks
  • [04:50] Yann created a website as a 11-year old kid which got hacked and then became interested by hacking
  • [07:49] Bitcoin and Blockchain explained in simple language
  • [11:26] Can Bitcoin and the system be destroyed?
  • [13:38] How current banking with normal currencies differs from transferring bitcoins
  • [14:59] Yann gives some examples how the Blockchain technology can be used in the future
  • [16:00] It’s not clear how Blockchain technology will definitely replace third parties on a legislative level
  • [16:45] Yann talks about Bitcoin and it’s relation to Blockchain technology
  • [17:20] What is Bitcoin?
  • [17:35] Yann talks about Altcoins
  • [18:52] Altcoins are used differently than Bitcoin. For example: to build decentralized applications
  • [20:53] Yann talks about how Altcoins can be used in 3 different ways
  • [22:30] Bitcoin’s future: nobody really but everyone can guess
  • [23:50] Yann talks about Bitcoin Wednesday and The Dutch Bitcoin Foundation
  • [27:25] The Dutch Bitcoin Foundation
  • [27:56] The Goals of the Dutch Bitcoin Foundation
  • [28:26] Yann talks about Andreas Antonopoulos
  • [29:01] Streaming Money
  • [31:02] How they managed to get Andreas to Bitcoin Wednesday
  • [31:48] Yann talks about the negatives and major risks over Blockchain technology and Bitcoin
  • [34:35] More examples how you can use the Blockchain technology
  • [37:02] What Yann is most excited about regarding the potential of Blockchain technology and Bitcoin
  • [40:30] Will the average Joe understand Blockchain technology?
  • [41:30] The function of Blockchain in an utopious world (in a good way)
  • [43:26] Can Blockchain be compared to Internet back in the late 90s/beginning 2000’s?





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