Episode 4: Sandra Kloezen – Experienced and driven medical entrepreneur [Podcast audio: Dutch]1 min read

Sandra is my guest in this episode. Sandra is a doctor and driven entrepreneur with an international track record. An open discussion about her time abroad in Brazil, Camino de Santiago (Pilgrimage) and her startup Medical Navigator.

Enjoy the podcast!

Links and Podcast Notes

Connect with Sandra and her company

Podcast Notes

  • [1:00] Who is Sandra and what’s her background?
  • [2:23] What was it like to live abroad?
  • [3:37] How was it like living in Brazil?
  • [7:57] Sandra talks about Project Musivida
  • [8:32] Talking about palliative care
  • [15:58] What is your tagline? “One life, live it”
  • [18:35] We discuss about her previous work, the Camino de Santiago (pilgrimage) and her startup Medical Navigator
  • [27:57] Sandra discusses the transition from her job to doing the Camino and starting Medical Navigator
  • [28:35] Thinking about doing the Camino de Santiago
  • [30:45] What has the Camino de Santiago brought to you?
  • [36:25] The beginning of a new journey: Medical Navigator
  • [38:18] Sandra talks about reading startup and entrepreneurial books
  • [38:50] How to absorb information about entrepreneurship if you have a different background
  • [40:43] Further discussing Medical Navigator
  • [51:55] Testing and validating the market
  • [52:45] Challenges and test results based on validation
  • [58:12] Loving the process and the journey
  • [1:01:40] Sandra’s personal why and her goal in life
  • [1:04:22] What advice would you give to the 20-year old Sandra?





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