Episode 3: Daan Jacobs — Golf and Taoism Entrepreneur [Podcast audio: Dutch]4 min read

Daan Jacobs drops by in this episode. Daan describes himself as a ‘practical dreamer’. He is fascinated by both golf and Taoism. He has been able to incorporate both things into his daily life. In this episode, we talk about a wide range of interesting topics, we talk about:

  • How Iron Shirt of Golf tries to change the way golfers learn how to play golf on different principles
  • How he fell in love with golf
  • How he tries to reach his maximum life potential
  • Toaism – from being skeptical to embracing it
  • His entrepreneurial journey
  • Personal development: mindset, congruent and authenticity, books, excellence vs. perfectionism
  • And much, much more

Daan is co-founder of Iron Shirt of Golf (“ISOG”). ISOG has developed a training method based on strong technical and mental (based on martial arts) fundamentals, which allow golfers to improve their level of play for the long run.

Basic knowledge for the listener about Toaism — The type of Taoism Daan is referring to is an elaborate, comprehensive and above all very practical system of self healing and personal development, based on ancient formulas all the way from China, known there as ‘Nei Dan Kung’. More training than philosophy and absolutely averse from dogmas and doctrines, it provides people with directions to follow their own unique path towards self realization, along the way becoming a more vital, more conscious and wiser man or woman.

Enjoy the podcast!

Links and Podcast Notes

Connect with Daan and his companies

Podcast Notes

  • [1:26] Joe Rogan’s approach to doing podcasts and why I can resonate with that
  • [2:32] Daan talks about his life story from his early childhood until now
  • [2:55] Daan talks about his company Iron Shirt of Golf and its unique philosophy
  • [5:09] Daan explains 2 life quotes he lives by
  • [7:33] Is it possible to fulfill your maximum life potential if you don’t know your passion?
  • [9:57] The connectedness of Daan’s study in History and his life as an entrepreneur
  • [16:35] Iron Shirt of Golf and different perspectives
  • [17:40] Where did Daan’s fascination for golf came from?
  • [19:55] The opportunity to combine golf with business
  • [21:58] Daan’s initial skepticism towards Taoism
  • [22:38] How he used his History study to be able to have a different perspective on things
  • [23:58] Daan’s thoughts in his early childhood what he would do later in life
  • [26:00] About David Halberstam’s book – Everything They Had
  • [28:00] How Daan had the opportunity to gain a lot of experience in different fields of interests
  • [29:22] Uncertainty vs. security
  • [32:08] Daan’s decision to try entrepreneurship
  • [36:55] How Daan positioned Iron Shirt of Golf in the market
  • [40:35] Learning golfers to play both left and right sided
  • [42:17] Positioning ISOG on the “mental” aspect
  • [44:00] Current positioning ISOG: How to build a durable and strong fundamental base based on technical and mental training, in order to be able to keep growing far in to the future
  • [47:30] Daan talks about his own golf journey
  • [49:28] Daan stresses the importance of the whole journey
  • [53:40] Iron Shirt of Golf in 10 years
  • [56:00] Daan talks about personal development
  • [58:30] Daan’s discovery of personal development began with Taoism
  • [1:02:20] Daan talks about developing yourself as person beyond other areas outside Taoism
  • [1:02:52] Daan talks about his current top 3 books
  • [1:03:49] Daan talks about the book Mastery by Robert Greene
  • [1:06:27] Daan talks about Stephen Covey’s book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • [1:17:33] Daan talks about why the education system can benefit from implementing books
  • [1:19:45] How intelligent someone is not defined by the degrees – it’s much bigger, for example also about knowledge of ´life´
  • [1:27:09] Daan talks about Stephen Covey’s book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (ii)
  • [1:34:55] Daan talks about Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday
  • [1:37:05] Daan talks about Giving and Taking
  • [1:37:40] Give without expecting something back – but not at your own expense
  • [1:39:55] Daan talks about social and emotional intelligence
  • [1:41:30] Daan talks about creating social-awareness in high school
  • [1:49:10] About congruency and authenticity
  • [1:52:20] A sidenote about authenticity based on Mastery
  • [1:52:04] Daan talks about Vulnerability
  • [1:57:55] Small talk – Not telling the truth
  • [2:01:05] Daan talks about excellence and perfectionism
  • [2:03:08] Top performing athletes and mindset
  • [2:09:08] Martial arts: Skeleton and tendons vs. Muscles
  • [2:15:50] Unconscious muscle tension
  • [2:19:38] Daan talks about the movie Borg McEnroe
  • [2:21:48] We talk briefly about Stoicism and Ryan Holiday’s book The Obstacle is the Way
  • [2:30:01] What is your Why?




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