Episode 2: Vincent van den Brekel – About Stokhos, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Disruption [Podcast audio: Dutch]2 min read

Vincent van den Brekel is my guest in this episode. Vincent can be described as an “extroverted beta”. In this episode, we talk about a wide range of interesting topics, we talk about:

  • His company Stokhos
  • His entrepreneurial journey
  • The challenge of entering new markets with innovative technology: challenges and market dynamics
  • His time abroad in USA and at MIT
  • His search engine startup he created at the start of the Internet hype
  • Innovation and corporates
  • O3NL – helping entrepreneurs
  • And much, much more

Vincent is serial entrepreneur, current CEO of Stokhos, former CEO of Darwind. Stokhos aims to reduce the response time for Emergency Medical Services vehicles, such as ambulances, thanks to their algorithms.

Enjoy the podcast!

Links and Podcast Notes

Connect with Vincent and Stokhos

Podcast Notes

  • [1:24] Vincent introduces himself and talks about Stokhos
  • [3:27] It’s a recurring problem that ambulances almost often arrive too late at the incident
  • [3:53] Vincent talks about the challenges of implementing technological innovation in new markets: market resistance
  • [5:40] Vincent briefly explains how Stokhos works
  • [9:03] Vincent talks about MIT, working in England, it’s culture and dynamics
  • [10:11] Vincent’s story about MIT
  • [12:00] Pepsi vs Coca-Cola
  • [13:10] Vincent’s experience with the corporate culture
  • [15:50] Vincent talks about the Search Engine that he created
  • [17:35] USA vs. Europe: difference in startup ecosystem
  • [21:40] How Vincent entered the offshore energy market
  • [25:55] How the energy market will change
  • *[31:38] Vincent’s thoughts on Innovation & Corporates
  • [36:20] ING sees Amazon as biggest threat, not Fintech startups
  • [38:30] Vincent talks about O3NL
  • [39:46] Vincent’s vision on the Dutch entrepreneurial climate
  • [44:02] Vincent’s journey towards entrepreneurship
  • [45:00] Vincent explains the term “Corporate Soldiers”
  • [47:05] Vincent talks about his sports activities
  • [50:22] What are your dreams you still want to achieve?
  • [52:16] Fear
  • [53:48] Should everyone try out entrepreneurship who want to do that?
  • [55:43] Did you have any mentors when you were younger?
  • [57:27] What do you consider your biggest strength?
  • [59:03] Do you have any regrets?
  • [1:01:20] Do you read any books?
  • [1:03:46] Vincent talks about the future
  • [1:10:48] Vincent talks about Patience and Time​




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