Episode 1: Rubén Saavedra – Transform Raw (Soccer) Data Into Actionable Output [Podcast audio: English]2 min read

I had the pleasure to welcome Rubén Saavedra as the first guest on my show, a podcast welcoming guests who will talk about either personal development, entrepreneurship and nutrition & fitness.

In this episode, Rubén gives us insights about his entrepreneurial journey. In our discussion, he talks about:

  • Why market validation is important
  • How he managed to win his first clients
  • His vision on entrepreneurship 
  • Why they adopted a working remote working model
  • And much, much more

Rubén is CEO and co-founder of Metrica Sports. They have developed a platform which provides soccer clubs with tools that take video analysis to the next level. Based on data and video analysis team performances can be improved.

Enjoy the podcast!

Links and Podcast Notes

Connect with Rubén and Metrica Sports

Podcast Notes

  • [1:37] Ruben explains what Metrica Sports does and how it adds value to their clients
  • [2:48] Ruben talks about his background, study, beginning of his career prior to starting Metrica Sports
  • [4:23] The moment Ruben decided to start his company and his first concrete steps 
  • [6:16] How Rubén analyzed the market for over a year and got in contact with Vitesse
  • [7:37] How the MVP improved in quality through rapid iterations
  • [8:38] How Rubén managed to get in contact with Villarreal through social media
  • [12:10] Why it is important to see if there is a market for what you create
  • [13:40] Rubén’s definition of what an entrepreneur is
  • [15:16] Rubén’s tips on acquiring business knowledge as a researcher
  • [17:04] Why I think entrepreneurship is not restricted to only those who have their own company but also employees
  • [18:24] Entrepreneurship begins with passion
  • [21:07] Rubén’s thoughts on comfort zone and feel challenged
  • [22:10] Rubén’s activities as a CEO of Metrica Sports
  • [24:03] Cultural differences when doing business all over the world
  • [28:12] How Metrica Sports has a lot of potential in other verticals 
  • [34:16] Finding great developers in The Netherlands is though and remote working
  • [35:07] How to keep great communication when working remote
  • [39:00] Why Metrica Sports didn’t use recruitment agencies but use different web platforms to hire new talent
  • [41:28] Companies like Gitlab laready work remotely “The Remote Manifesto”
  • [43:09] Metrica’s plan to scale up in the next 3 years
  • [47:10] Rubén’s 3 biggest tips on starting a company: validate, get advise from experts, learn from mistakes
  • [56:25] Rubén talking about Pep Guardiola
  • [1:00:15] Why things never go as you expect: typical example
  • [1:04:29] Why having a drive in life is important for Rubén




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