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Why I Go Big On Turning Off My Smartphone Notifications

Why I Go Big On Turning Off My Smartphone Notifications

Addicted to our smartphones?

Technology is amazing. I love technology. I love technology startups and great entrepreneurs who go all-in to make their business a success. Nowadays everyone is using the word ‘innovation’, it has become a buzzword. But it also comes with a price…

Mobile Addiction

A majority of the people have become addicted to their smartphones, myself included. I view it as some kind of escapism. With one click you enter a new reality, you get that instant gratification, a push notification, a stimuli which boost your ego.

It’s fascinating to see that the first iPhone was launched only a decade ago in 2007. It feels like it has been there forever. For children born in this era, using a smartphone has become the norm. We tend to share our lives on social media. The result is that people attach their level of happiness based on whether people like or dislike their stuff. Doing this would mean not living on your own terms. Life is then not happening for you, but to you.

But also for elderly people using a smartphone is the norm. Even my grandma of 91 uses WhatsApp to communicate. Sometimes we talk through but WhatsApp, but I still prefer talking face to face or through Facetime. I want to feel and see emotions when talking to someone. Plus, it helps avoiding miscommunication.

Even at birthday parties or going out for dinner with friends. The smartphone is everywhere. It’s a trend that is happening and probably will increase even more with the upcoming technological innovations.

Turning Off All Notifications

In September I started with the “30 days Notification Free Challenge” from Steve Pavlina. It basically means turning off all your notifications for your apps. For a guideline, please refer to these guidelines for the iPhone and Android

Within a few days I already recognized positive results. My urgency to check apps decreased. It helped me to stay more focused on my tasks, since I wasn’t distracted anymore through notifications. It helped me to get into the flow. It helped me to go back to complete ownership: living on your own terms.

It’s scary in a sense. Because what if you would miss out on that important app? What if you would miss out on that important email? If it would be really important, people would still call anyway. So letting go of that fear was pretty easy.

My advice to you is: try it yourself. Start with a few apps, and gradually start adding more apps. Maybe it works for you, maybe it don’t. But at least you would’ve tried.

Episode 5: Yann van Ewijk – Intro to Blockchain, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies [Audio: English]

Yann drops by in this episode.

Yann is passionate about Cyber Security, Technology, Hacking, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. We talk about the basics of Blockchain, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies and what the possibilities are.

Enjoy the podcast!

Links and Podcast Notes

Connect with Yann

Podcast Notes

  • [01:09] Yann introduces himself and his hobbies and passions
  • [02:10] Yann created a program that would scan meet-ups for free drinks
  • [04:50] Yann created a website as a 11-year old kid which got hacked and then became interested by hacking
  • [07:49] Bitcoin and Blockchain explained in simple language
  • [11:26] Can Bitcoin and the system be destroyed?
  • [13:38] How current banking with normal currencies differs from transferring bitcoins
  • [14:59] Yann gives some examples how the Blockchain technology can be used in the future
  • [16:00] It’s not clear how Blockchain technology will definitely replace third parties on a legislative level
  • [16:45] Yann talks about Bitcoin and it’s relation to Blockchain technology
  • [17:20] What is Bitcoin?
  • [17:35] Yann talks about Altcoins
  • [18:52] Altcoins are used differently than Bitcoin. For example: to build decentralized applications
  • [20:53] Yann talks about how Altcoins can be used in 3 different ways
  • [22:30] Bitcoin’s future: nobody really but everyone can guess
  • [23:50] Yann talks about Bitcoin Wednesday and The Dutch Bitcoin Foundation
  • [27:25] The Dutch Bitcoin Foundation
  • [27:56] The Goals of the Dutch Bitcoin Foundation
  • [28:26] Yann talks about Andreas Antonopoulos
  • [29:01] Streaming Money
  • [31:02] How they managed to get Andreas to Bitcoin Wednesday
  • [31:48] Yann talks about the negatives and major risks over Blockchain technology and Bitcoin
  • [34:35] More examples how you can use the Blockchain technology
  • [37:02] What Yann is most excited about regarding the potential of Blockchain technology and Bitcoin
  • [40:30] Will the average Joe understand Blockchain technology?
  • [41:30] The function of Blockchain in an utopious world (in a good way)
  • [43:26] Can Blockchain be compared to Internet back in the late 90s/beginning 2000’s?


Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire

I met so many great people this year. And it’s just the beginning. I intend to meet many more champions for many years to come.

And I’ve finally figured what we really have in common: Gratitude.

It’s true – and it’s really the thing that’s changed my life.

What sets my soul on fire is personal development and helping other people.

How? There’s a trillion ways to do this.

Right now, I help startups with their finance and strategy challenges.

Also, I learn from other people and hone my communication skills with my podcast.

I don’t focus on the result because I love the journey the most.

Even if everything fails badly, at least I’ve tried – and for me that symbolizes a champion.

As long as your Why is clear the universe tells you How.

I was talking to an elderly lady of 82 in the store yesterday.

She told me she can’t move her arms anymore as she used to.

And I love such conversations.

Because it reminds me of death. And it sets my soul on fire even more. And it takes away all fear.

You never know when the grim reaper comes for you.

1:400 trillion – that’s roughly the chances of you being born.

Once you realize how lucky you are you can start prioritizing what really matters to you.

Episode 4: Sandra Kloezen – Experienced and driven medical entrepreneur [Podcast audio: Dutch]

Sandra is my guest in this episode. Sandra is a doctor and driven entrepreneur with an international track record. An open discussion about her time abroad in Brazil, Camino de Santiago (Pilgrimage) and her startup Medical Navigator.

Enjoy the podcast!

Links and Podcast Notes

Connect with Sandra and her company

Podcast Notes

  • [1:00] Who is Sandra and what’s her background?
  • [2:23] What was it like to live abroad?
  • [3:37] How was it like living in Brazil?
  • [7:57] Sandra talks about Project Musivida
  • [8:32] Talking about palliative care
  • [15:58] What is your tagline? “One life, live it”
  • [18:35] We discuss about her previous work, the Camino de Santiago (pilgrimage) and her startup Medical Navigator
  • [27:57] Sandra discusses the transition from her job to doing the Camino and starting Medical Navigator
  • [28:35] Thinking about doing the Camino de Santiago
  • [30:45] What has the Camino de Santiago brought to you?
  • [36:25] The beginning of a new journey: Medical Navigator
  • [38:18] Sandra talks about reading startup and entrepreneurial books
  • [38:50] How to absorb information about entrepreneurship if you have a different background
  • [40:43] Further discussing Medical Navigator
  • [51:55] Testing and validating the market
  • [52:45] Challenges and test results based on validation
  • [58:12] Loving the process and the journey
  • [1:01:40] Sandra’s personal why and her goal in life
  • [1:04:22] What advice would you give to the 20-year old Sandra?



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