Month: October 2017

Newsletter #5 – October 2017 “THE ONLY WAY IS UP”

Newsletter #5 - October 2017

Monthly update

“Ideas are shit, execution is the game.” ― Gary Vaynerchuck

The Only Way Is Up

Hi everyone! I’m really fired up again, things have “started to click” again and I’ve met so many amazing people the last few weeks PLUS I feel that my ADHD brain never has been this mind-boggling ever. And you know what, the best always still has to come!!

Two things I’d like to share:

Website & Podcast

I’ve rebranded my website (yes back to English, podcasts will be both Dutch and English guests), cut all the bullshit and fluff, my focus for the next 48 months will be solely on podcasts next to my financial consultancy company.

Last week I recorded my first podcast (and have another 3 lined up the next weeks), and it just felt so awesome, you just feel you like something or not and this thing might be just that something which is completely in my sweet spot.

You know it when you do it and it feels effortless, but not only that, it also fuels yourself (and the other person) with energy and excitement. The podcast is focused around three main themes: personal developmententrepreneurshipnutrition & fitness.

Currently I have invited over 20 guests already and they all responded with great enthusiasm to participate. The main reason I’m doing this is twofold.

First, I love journeys and learning processes. When you focus not on the outcome but rather the process and improving in that, that’s the moment all your fear disappears and it flows naturally. So I’m hoping to improve my communication skills with this, and become a better communicator (listening to others and asking questions).

Secondly, I’d like to share tools and life hacks of my guests and their lessons learned in life which you can immediately use in your own life. So yeah it would be great if I can inspire others with it too.

My Own Journey

In the meantime I will still document and share my own journey with you. I figured out that I just want ‘to execute‘ and ‘do‘. While earlier my goal was to take a stage (well not this concretely defined but I realised the approach wasn’t the best), I’m taking a more practical approach now. As I said before, it’s my goal to improve my communication skills so I’m visiting several Toastmasters clubs which will give me a lot of practice hours, I feel this is a good step for me.

I know that my ADHD and autism story and how I overcome challenges is something that can be inspiring to a lot of people (first and foremost adults with those diagnoses themselves or parents of diagnosed children), but I’ll just document about it and practice my public speaking skills so that at some point I might get asked to share my story to different people. Plus, I also want to give presentations about Financial Modeling and certain parts of investment trajectories for startups, so there I can hone those skills as well.

The gist is: Taking the stage isn’t a goal in itself. Just doing what I like most and set an example for others and inspire others, that’s what I focus on. When everything is congruent and I am just doing that, I become that person and people will notice it. And then maybe, maybe I get asked to share my story. It’ll be just a bonus.

And lastly: I’ve heard from so many people I want to move too fast. I need to be more patience. And it’s true. it takes time to build something. So I analysed some of my “inspirations” last week. Checked out how they grew their social media accounts. And it’s true. The authorities who started out 5-7 years ago also didn’t have an audience, it took them 3-5 years to build something. So that’s why I say, I don’t give a shit about how big my audience will be in the upcoming years. Let me just create content consistently and then people will start noticing you.

With gratitude and love


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